We look at Citizenship with a brand new approach. We also integrate skills of the future such as critical thinking, information skills and problem-solving. The package contains more than 10 modules with ready-to-go lessons of 50 minutes. Just think of lessons on: Social Media, Health, Recycling, Money, Law, Fake News, Politics ...

IT & Me

We combine basic ICT skills, computational thinking and digital skills into one subject. Based on 'computational thinking', we transform the pupils into true digital natives. We link general knowledge, digital literacy and computer skills to 'more traditional ICT topics' such as creating a text document, presentation and spreadsheet, and learning how a computer thinks and works.
Examples: making a digital planning, working with email, making a presentation, operating systems, gaming, IoT, …

Computational thinking

'Computational thinking' sounds Exciting! But how do you start? Not from scratch, if we can help it! CodeFever knows better than anyone what children already know today and how to deal with computational thinking. That's why we translated all our knowledge into a unique learning platform, integrating the Scratch coding environment and all the necessary exercises and tools to prepare your pupils for a phenomenal digital future.

DIGIBIB for teachers

The DIGIBIB is a digital library for teachers, with additional teaching materials, ready-to-use cross-curricular projects enabling teachers to collaborate. We combine computational thinking with other key competences. Just think of a digital lesson on 'fractions' in mathematics, 'passé composé' in French or 'spatial awareness' with Google Maps in geography.
What's more, this way you always have up-to-date content at your disposal, tailored to the needs of pupils. Without extra preparation for the teacher or prior knowledge for the pupil. A lesson about the ‘bush fires' in Australia? Check. An interlude on the latest Snapchat trends? Double check. The lessons are written by experts and sorted by subject.

HACK ROOM for pupils

The pupils also have access to an online library filled with digital tutorials. In the HACK ROOM they will find the answer to all their digital questions such as: How do you install your mailbox on your mobile phone? How do you make a PowerPoint? How to save a document as a PDF? How to create a Word document? How do you secure your Facebook account? Your students will discover a treasure chest of 21st century hacks they can work with at school or at home.

Topics or partnerships? Do you have a new topic in mind?

Do you have a new theme in mind? Would you like to join forces as a publisher, teacher or web developer? In a phenomenal digital world, anything is possible! Let's get in touch!